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pauline grogan

Pauline Grogan launched her One Woman show on her 70th birthday in 2015, at the Pumphouse, Takapuna.

“Pauline’s audiences rock with laughter, smile with recognition and cry with empathy in the easy atmosphere she creates”(* Pumphouse attendees 2015)

Pauline’s fifteen, true life stories, cover the gamut of human emotions experienced by her audiences over their lifetime. Her unique presentations have four or five stories tailored to the needs of each audience. The 40 minute presentations are relaxed, interactive and informal. Her powerpoint presentation enables audiences to sing-a-long when the the chorus line pops up. An opportunity for questions follows each show.

The truth of Soren Kierkaard’s quote, ” Life can only be understood backwards but it must be lived forwards ” is clearly demonstrated in Pauline Grogan’s One Woman Show.


Surprise and Hope at any age – Presented by Pauline Grogan

Contact Pauline
Phone 027 238 4042
or email (pauline@paulinegrogan.com)


Or for further information contact julia@pumphouse.co.nz
phone 09 486 2386

Eugene Moreau
Professional Speaker, Coach and Author

“Pauline Grogan is a fresh breeze in the motivational speaking arena. Pauline has a true message that comes from a real journey of emotional pain through to self awareness and fulfilling victory. From the moment she walks onto a stage until the lights go out, Pauline’s story will challenge you to be what you are destined to be. If you are looking for someone who can reach out and touch your life, and inspire your team to overcome the traps in their personal and business life, you need to experience Pauline Grogan.”

Sharon Thompson
Westpac Area Manager
North Shore 29.07.10

Pauline Grogan was a motivational speaker for a local Westpac Ladies Night, which encouraged customers to plan for their financial futures. Pauline is an inspirational speaker and she was able to make an instant connection with our audience. Her genuine and honest presentation encouraged us all to embrace life’s challenges – to plan for what we can, but also to face adversity with a positive attitude. Pauline’s own personal story is a powerful reminder that a positive attitude is “everything”.

From the Family Works Northern-Regional Forum, Auckland 27.01.11.

“Pauline captured her audience by openly sharing her life journey which included endurance of hardship, despair, loss and triumph. Pauline inspired and challenged her audience to rise above adversity no matter how hard or painful life may be. Through her sincerity and warmth, Pauline was able to quickly build a sense of trust leaving us craving to learn so much more. As an inspirational speaker, Pauline Grogan is truly amazing!”