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From Pauline Grogan’s, “Beyond The Veil” and “A View From Within”, comes a story of a severely disabled man immobile and confined to a hospital bed. His laughter and strength spin the wheels of all around him and he inspires Pauline to step where she fears to tread. Together they risk the consequences of exposing truth. Audiences in Australia and NZ have been deeply moved by Pauline’s play 500 Letters. “In my eight years working in a professional venue, I have never seen a performer build a strong bond so quickly with their audience.” Lauren Hughes

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“Lessons in Humanity” Nelson Mail – 18/10/2006 Review – 500 Letters – Waikato Times – 2/11/2006 “Infectious Warmth and Heart” www.theatreview.org.nz Order Pauline’s Books or Contact Pauline Today