How do you want to Age?


Staying Independent while Ageing



Conversations about “staying independent while ageing” can be quite thought-provoking.

They are most productive when we are healthy and active.

Sharing ideas can help pinpoint what is most important as we age.

We gain increased awareness of what matters from social, spiritual and psychological perspectives.

These conversations are upbeat, refreshing and energizing.

Many find they contribute to peace of mind and a sense of well-being.


Pauline invites you, your families and age-related organisations to join in on this conversation. Ageing is a subject we don’t like to focus on when we’re fully involved in life. Yet the best time to have it is when we’re healthy and can think through various options.

Sharing ideas helps pinpoint what is most important for us as we age.  We figure out what matters.  Our friends and families know what we want should our independence be compromised unexpectedly.

These conversations are thought-provoking, upbeat and energizing.

Pauline will also share her 10 minute theater piece, “A Spark Within”.  It depicts a friendship spanning 60 years of milestones and transitions.  Judges at the Auckland “Short and Sweet” Festival, noted Pauline used theatre to “help maintain strong senior communities”.



Eugene Moreau
Professional Speaker, Coach and Author

“Pauline Grogan is a fresh breeze in the motivational speaking arena. Pauline has a true message that comes from a real journey of emotional pain through to self awareness and fulfilling victory. From the moment she walks onto a stage until the lights go out, Pauline’s story will challenge you to be what you are destined to be. If you are looking for someone who can reach out and touch your life, and inspire your team to overcome the traps in their personal and business life, you need to experience Pauline Grogan.”

Alan McIntyre
NZ Principals Association

“Pauline offers practical strategies to rebound from the challenges that overwhelm us at different times in life. After a lifetime’s experience, she demonstrates that it is possible to bounce back when unexpected challenges occur. Pauline’s insights and stories find application in any sphere of life where opportunities wait to be discovered. “Pauline can be described as a true orator. She held the audience of Professional Educators and School Board of Trustee members in awe as her true story unfolded. Pauline is a woman to be admired and respected, a woman of substance, a woman of faith and a woman of courage.”

From the Family Works Northern-Regional Forum, Auckland 27.01.11.

“Pauline captured her audience by openly sharing her life journey which included endurance of hardship, despair, loss and triumph. Pauline inspired and challenged her audience to rise above adversity no matter how hard or painful life may be. Through her sincerity and warmth, Pauline was able to quickly build a sense of trust leaving us craving to learn so much more. As an inspirational speaker, Pauline Grogan is truly amazing!”

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